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We provide world-class fine dining. We also take orders for starters, Mains and Dessert for kitchen preparation. Our state of the art kitchen display system makes it more easy, effective and paperless service. Our automated system helps you to track how a server does his duty. We provide you with audit trail options.


Track sales in real-time by using Sales Tracker

“To keep things right on the top, things have to be kept straight. I have a juice shop in the middle of city and I hardly visit there regularly. Hence, I chose to get this amazing ‘Sales tracker update’ product. It gives a record of amount of sales on daily basis. Yes it is a boon in disguise! “- feedback given by a happy customer

Split bill conveniently

One day, a group of friends thought of getting on a ride. On the way they halted to fill their ‘belly’. When it was time to pay, the friends gazed at each other. One of them arose and said, “We should have gone to a restaurant with split bill facility!” This incident occurred at a hotel where I had gone for marketing the product ‘Split bill’ – Yes! It guards your pocket!

Multiple payments – Options made easy

“The ways of choosing the options to pay the bill was not much easier when we went to the garment showroom where we had different payments to be made for different bills. Multiple payment policy did come to rescue in such a case” – says the payment executive manager after using the method

Monitor sales trend policy– to be secured on profit

“Knowing the sales aspect in detail would lead to a successful business trend and we are following the methods of gauging the sales all through, which in turn has provided increase in the sales conversion”.- claims the sales manager

Tax preparation made easy

“The taxes are the most challenging aspect dealt by business! My issues related to taxes were solved by the GST tax concept. It has helped in preparing taxes by adapting easy methods!” When we asked our customer to post his experience on ‘tax methods made easy technique’, he shared this amazing experience with us!

Controlling information of employees – roles played in permitting:

“Now there is something that creates the confidence to work with freedom as anything that goes beyond the security level, there is a horn buzz!” – said the security controller

Manage inventory with ease

“The process of keeping the record of the information was never was so easy before using the concepts of the inventory managing techniques. It has created a lot of flexibility in managing the stock without much commotion in the records”- in the words of the inventory representative.

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