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Networking System

SCR SOLUTION principally engaged in the business the design and provision of network systems and the integration, marketing and distribution of network products, acessories and software and the provision of professional and technical support services. Our main business activities can be classified as follows:-

– Networking system integration;
– IT service level management;
– Distribution of networking products, accessories and software;
– Design and installation of structured cabling systems and electrical infrastructures;
– Implementation of Imaging and Workflo’ systems;
– Provision and implementation of software products to call centres; and
– Provision of technical services.

Our operations and business commenced in 2006 and we have since embarked on new ventures and initiatives that have seen the development, expansion and diversification of our operations and businesses from the provision of dealerboard telephone systems to a one-stop provider of a comprehensive range of network systems integration services, related software and hardware products. Our clients consist of substantial users and providers of IT services in the telecommunications industry, banking and finance industry.

Our growth strategy will be driven by the development and expansion of the existing network system integration operation, sales of networking products, accessories and software. We will also identify and pursue new business opportunities for such operations and businesses.